2018: A Year in Review

Although 2019 is in full-swing, we want to take a moment to look back at what a fantastic year 2018 was for us at BRW Architects. There are many reasons to celebrate, and we wanted to share a few from this past year.

First, the BRW Class of 2018! We saw exponential growth in our teams this year, and would like to extend a special thanks to our new team members in our studios!

Tommi Salmi
Traci Brundage
Ali Foltz
Kristi Kilmacek
Cristina Robalino
Pan Huo
Randy Stringer
Robert Donaldson
Kevin Crumpler
Shuang Ding
Stefani Johnson
Misha Wynn
Trey Lay
Fangyi Song

Steve Johnson
Jenny Kramer-McPhail
Blanca Rodriguez
Allie Sieben
Chloe Mengers
Jason Teal
Megan Zhang
Bjorn Myrum
Ken Hargrove
Leslie Tijerina
Meaghan Gilliam
Emily Cloat
Hayden Roberts
Ana Larranaga







BRW has expanded into a new market in the Dallas office, led by Jenny Kramer-McPhail as the Director of the healthcare sector. Diving right in, she brings more than 19 years of experience of healthcare planning, design and construction administration.

Giving back to our community is, and will continue to be, very important to us at BRW. We took part in activities like For the Love of The Lake, Bark-n-Build, CANstruction and Retrospect.

The BRW Dallas team took over downtown for an afternoon of team building! With our first ever scavenger hunt. Teams were set loose on the City to solve riddles, snap photos, and ultimately find the most clues as a team to be dubbed the ultimate champions. Really, everyone was a winner because teamwork makes the dream work!

Kudos are in order to our many newly licensed Architects! All that hard work, time and energy really paid off—we are certainly proud!

What better way to start off a new year than in a new office space! In College Station, we left our old building and moved into a new, studio space in Century Square. The office is directly across the street from the Texas A&M campus. We are excited about our new neighbors and ready to serve.

Speaking of excitement, several BRW team members are making a difference in their communities. The AIA Brazos Board is looking mighty fine with four of our own elected to the Board. Keep up the good work!

Leadership is important to us at BRW. Continuing to speak at National conventions and conferences is key, and Ray Holliday did just that in 2018. Ray spoke at multiple events  throughout the year sharing his expertise in the Fire and Civic Sectors.

Hopping over to Houston, we are thrilled to have several new K-12 clients in the region. The team was also involved in the opening of a NCAA Track & Soccer field. This one-of-a-kind venue, located at the Prairie View A&M University campus, provides a state-of-the-art facility for top tier quality athletes.

We are proud to announce that Matthew Duggan has been elected to The AIA Houston Board, as well as AIA Houston’s inaugural class of the Christopher Kelly Leadership Development Program (CKLDP). Your hard work and dedication are appreciated, Matthew.

We took part in some amazing community events in Southern region as well such as the Texas SandFest. This was an incredible time contributing to local area nonprofits.

Not only has our San Francisco team expanded, but so has the growth of our Civic market in California. We continue to develop our Library expertise and support the Federal side of things up and down the west coast. Some of the San Francisco team was able to participate in an afternoon with Habitat for Humanity!

With so much to look forward to this year, BRW is committed to the communities that we serve and still Focused on What Matters. Excitement is buzzing all around the offices and 2019 is looking bright for all of our BRW family!

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