Big Heroes, Tiny Homes

Big Heroes, Tiny Homes… Humble ISD high school students are making a Texas sized difference for homeless Veterans in their area.

In a collaborative effort, two high schools in Humble ISD are joining forces to give homeless veterans a shelter by building tiny homes. BRW Architects had the immense privilege to partner with these incredible students along the way. The students started with an idea, fostered it into a plan, and set that plan in motion. BRW assessed the student’s drawings and models and made sure the design would be safe and stable for the new tenants. This new initiative—thought up by the students of Kingwood Park High School and Summer Creek High School—was not simple, and yet students have already begun breaking ground on their first tiny home.


These architecture students are getting a jumpstart on their careers by learning hands-on what goes into the design process. Seeing their design ideas come to fruition has been such an honor to those of us at BRW who had the opportunity to be involved.

At only 200 square feet, the design may be tiny, but the idea is HUGE. The first tiny home has already broken ground, construction will begin soon, and will hopefully be completed by the end of the school year. The idea is to construct these two prototypes, one per campus, and from there create a long-term program.


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