Announcing our Newest Project Architect…


Marcus Gibbon!

Hard work pays off and Marcus has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in becoming a Registered Architect.  We are proud to announce that Marcus Gibbon, in our College Station Studio, has passed all of the ARE exams and is officially licensed.  Awesome job, Marcus!

Please join us in congratulating Marcus!  Let’s get to know him a bit better:

What made you want to become an Architect?

MG: “Growing up I was always fascinated about how things were put together. I would constantly take apart my toys and try to put them back together, and what kid didn’t like Lincoln Logs? I also enjoyed art, drawing and coloring. Architecture combines the engineering and art aspects into one.”

What you would be doing if you weren’t an Architect?

MG: “I would probably be doing something in the sports arena. I love sports, but am not gifted enough to play at the collegiate or professional level. I would probably be in the marketing / donor / promotions side of athletics where interactions, connections and relationships are key.”

What advice can you give to those going through the process to become an Architect?

MG: “Be vocal about your efforts in trying to become an Architect. Your coworkers all want you to succeed so let them by your support system. Talking about your failures and successes with others allows them to help push you along when you get in a rut, or celebrate your achievement when you find out you’ve passed a test. Also, ask others who are going or have recently gone through the process; there might be a new online tool or study material that you may not know about.”

What’s your favorite thing about architecture?

MG: “I love that the end product is so tangible. You can drive by, walk through, touch, and show your family and friends projects you’ve helped design, and there’s a great reward and pride in seeing your vision come to life. ” 

Who is your favorite Architect and why?

MG: “Renzo Piano takes his architecture and engineering background and massages them together to produce his works. With this background, he’s able to take architecture to its basic elements and concentrate his attention to the details and connections that are now visible. He take space and thinks about the experience, the approach and the form is then established. Often pictures don’t validate his decisions, experiencing his buildings and spaces are the justification you need.”


One thought on “Announcing our Newest Project Architect…

  1. Marcus is an amazing young man. When he makes up his mind to do something….just step back and give him room……he doesn’t give up until he reaches his goal. Our family is so very proud of Marcus and his accomplishments. If I sound a little biased… we’ll, maybe just a little. I am his Grandmother.

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