Lots of Heart and Some Hammers

“I might be tired, but I feel good after a day of Hearts and Hammers.” – Dale Hogue, Hearts and Hammers Zone Home Owner Coordinator/BRW Team MemberIMG_2981

Sometimes all it takes to get the job done is a little elbow grease – and maybe a few gallons of paint, glazing putty, a ladder, and a bucket of nails.  BRW successfully teamed with JQ Engineers again this year as part of the Hearts and Hammers Dallas event that assists members of the DFW community with home repairs.

Hearts and Hammers is a non-profit organization that seeks to repair the homes of low income homeowners.  Teams of volunteers are organized together to assist for two Saturdays out of the year to rebuild and repair homes around our community.

As with all home improvement projects, there were a few hiccups along the way, but that didn’t stop our turnout of volunteers from being the largest yet.

“It was amazing to see that many people out to help, and the ultimate impact we would have on this one community.” – Kathy Lee, Business Development

We met the home owner and her family, all of whom gladly joined in on our efforts.  Even in 90 degree weather, nothing beats the appreciation we received.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege to participate in this sort of neighborly contribution!” – Deb Mock, Accounting

We want to give a gargantuan shout out to our team members at JQ Engineers.  We could not have done it without their support and we look forward to teaming again with them next year!

“Thank you to all who participated in Hearts & Hammers this year. We were able to complete just about all of the work we intended on finishing.  With the time given, I believed we completed a considerable amount of work. The house received full new exterior paint including new accent colors, a brand new front deck and decorative railing, new darker window screens, damaged siding and windows were repaired, a new fence, minor plumbing repair in the kitchen, a new railing at the back door, and the tree in front was trimmed revealing the freshly painted front facade. The work done to the houses in the neighborhood has brought a new life to the area. The homeowners were very thankful and pleased with the results.  We hope to continue to give back to the community in such ways, but this is solely dependent on our willingness to make a small sacrifice for others.” – Cory Durant, Team Captain

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