Together We Can End Hunger In North Texas


A lot of hard work goes into our CANstructure each year.  We start with our Annual Art Auction that showcases pieces from our employees, families and friends to raise money for our CANstructure.  This year BRW raised more than $3000 in support of the North Texas Food Bank!

That’s when the fun begins!

“This year our design intent was to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’  That statement is simple, direct and powerful so we wanted to design something with that in mind. The dove is a symbol of hope, peace and the promise of a new beginning and it is nestled in an extended helping hand.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it is a good reminder to extend a helping hand to those in need around you and offer them hope, peace of mind and the promise of a new beginning. Together we can end hunger in North Texas and we can recover from Hurricane Harvey.” Says Team Captain, Renee French, Assoc. AIA.

“I got a call Friday night around 7:30 pm from Mary Beth (the Canstruction Committee’s Kroger liaison) letting me know that 1300 of the cans we ordered were not going to make it. The hurricane caused some problems for our order and they were going to drive it in from a Denver warehouse Tuesday but the truck never left! The local warehouse had similar cans they could deliver but they were slightly larger than the cans we ordered. I thought since the cans were gold it would be ok but then I was sent a picture of the replacement can they found and it was a silver can with a GREEN label! We basically had the option of building a green hand or nothing at all so I resigned to that and decided we would just figure it out on build day.

Later that night at 11 when we went to unload our cans and drop off supplies at NorthPark but our replacement cans weren’t there yet. We were told our ordered cans were on their way from Denver and would be delivered at some point on Saturday afternoon but they were still bringing in our replacement cans from a local supplier.  We went home around 1 with the promise that our replacement cans would be there in the morning at 6AM ready to go.

Saturday morning, the gold cans had been delivered instead of green which was great because it would still look similar to the original idea, BUT we were 400 cans short and these cans were heavier than the original. It put some strain on our templates and we had to do a lot of structural improvising on site.

Kroger had called all the local stores and pulled everything from the shelf for us to get the gold cans so we HAD to make it work.

Build day had its hiccups but we still got it built after making some adjustments.

The good thing about the mix-up is that all the cans we used for the build AND the ones we ordered will be donated to the NTFB bringing our total donation to 3,095 cans and packets!” boasts French.

Unfortunately, BRW did not win any awards this year, but our structure has been drawing a sizable crowd at NorthPark!  We were excited to hear that we were among the popular topics at the award ceremony last Tuesday.

The People’s Choice Award is still up for grabs and is won through donation votes. It all goes back to the North Texas Food Bank in the end and with more Houstonians heading our way for the holidays I’m sure the food bank will need every can this year!

The link to our team page is:

Voting will close at 11:59 pm on September 23rd. Please feel free to share the link!

*A BIG ‘thank you!’ to Kroger for assisting in the success of our CANstructure!  We would also like to thank all of our sponsors.  We couldn’t have done it without you!


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