Congratulations To Our Newest Project Architect!


It is with great excitement that we announce Taylor Jackson’s hard work, studying and persistence has paid off.  Taylor recently passed all of the ARE exams and has officially been licensed making him BRW’s newest Project Architect.

Please join us in congratulating Taylor!  We’ve asked Taylor to share some of his experiences and wisdom with us – take a moment to get to know him:

What made you want to become an Architect?

TJ: “My father was a contractor and so I grew up working for him in the construction industry.  From a young age, I was fascinated by the construction drawings, and wanted to be on the design side of the industry. “

What you would be doing if you weren’t an Architect?

TJ: “Had I not pursued architecture, I probably would have ended up in construction. “

What advice can you give to those going through the process to become an Architect?

TJ: “Make yourself a schedule and commit to hitting your milestones.  I think we can all see the value of establishing and being accountable for major milestones, but I also scheduled the way I studied in order to ensure I was prepared for each test.  I.e.: Study at least x hours each day, finish reading material by Thursday, finish practice questions by Friday.  The ARE and AXP process become a lot less intimidating when you break them down into smaller pieces.

What’s your favorite thing about architecture?

TJ: “I enjoy working with repeat clients.  What we do is especially fulfilling when the client is pleased with our work and is excited to work with us again.”

Who is your favorite Architect and why?

TJ: “Carlo Scapa.  Scarpa had an incredible sense of materiality, and his creative detailing, especially at transitions, have impressed and inspired me since I saw his work first hand in Italy.”

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