Well, another year, another Retrospect piece for the books!

Retrospect’s theme for 2017, “cultivate”, reminded us of how much BRW Architects has grown as a firm without hindering our cultural individuality. Our installation celebrates the growth of our family, which continues to cultivate culture in backgrounds, ideas and design.2017_Restrospect_Presentation_02.20.2017_Page_1

To display this growth, we let the data guide the rhythm of solids versus voids showcased on the installation’s sides. Each solid symbolizes a year new members joined BRW, and each void represents the years that BRW’s employees have stayed consistent. The edges that extrude ½” on either side represent the year that a new BRW office location was established.

Every solid is represented by a color that corresponds to a world map we created to highlight the countries our employees are from. Each layer of history adds richness to the whole until we frame the final void that represents our future.

Overall, the installation “Framing Our Future” looks to celebrate our history and holistic individuality for the public to enjoy.

Shout out to the Retrospect team this year:

  • Carmen A Torres (Installation Designer, Graphics Designer & Head of Construction)
  • Micah Schneider (Head of Construction)
  • Andy Okonkwo (CNC Manager)
  • Sonya Shah (Event and Paint Manager)
  • Matt Lorenz (Postcard Holder Builder)
  • Sionnis Pierre (Diversity Map Builder)
  • Renee French
  • Nicole Gittings
  • Aldo Guerra
  • Rigoberto Moreno
  • Chris Sano
  • Doug Hankins

We would also like to thank David Keane at Baker Triangle for allowing us to use the CNC (computer numerical control) for accuracy in cutting materials.  We wouldn’t have been as successful without your help, David!

You can view our structure at NorthPark Center (by Dillards!) until April 19th.

Love our design and message as much as we do?  We’ve created an interactive postcard that you can take home with you!

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