2016 BRW New Team Members


2016 has been one for the books for BRW for many reasons, but there is one reason in particular that we just couldn’t let go unannounced: this year we were fortunate enough to add twenty-seven new members to our already stellar team.  It is with great pleasure that we would like to introduce to everyone:

Luke Franks, Drafting Intern

Cole Machalek, Drafting Intern

Matt Lorenz, AIA, Project Architect

Rudy Lopez, Project Coordinator

Micah Schneider, Architect-In-Training

Robert West, RA, Project Manager

Renee French, Architect-In-Training

Justin Hoermann, Architect-In-Training

Colin Buckley, Architect-In-Training

Kathryn Petrauskas, Architect-In-Training

Cory Durrant, Architect-In-Training

Arturo Gonzalez, Project Coordinator

Carmen Torres, Architect-In-Training

William Griffing, AIA, Project Manager

Savannah Reynolds, Accounting

Zachary Wise, Architect-In-Training

Daniel Shearer, Architect-In-Training

Tayler Dittrich, Architect-In-Training

Deb Mock, Accounting

Sharifa Mehdi, Project Coordinator

Hayden Roberts, Drafting Intern

Edison Calvopina, Architect-In-Training

Nicole Gittings, Architect-In-Training

Jason Cave, AIA, Project Architect

Fredo Sanchez, Architect-In-Training

David Taylor, AIA, Project Architect

Ben Liu, Project Architect


We could not be more thrilled to have these individuals on board with us.  Please join us in welcoming them to the BRW family!


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