Out With The Old, In With The New!

What a long journey it’s been. There have been well over four hundred (give or take a few!) meetings scheduled and attended but finally, Douglas Hankins, Chris Sano and Michael Nelson can take a short breather.  After months of continuous noise, squeezing into shared desk spaces and one instance of draining the fire sprinkler pipes that caused a stench so bad it sent people scrambling to work upstairs, Phase I of the renovation of BRW’s Suite 125 is now complete. img_2553

Last Friday our downstairs residents were happy to dump the folding tables and move into an expanded office space that has an evolved work flow with less paper and more technology.  It was important to BRW that we practice what we preach – maximize daylight and views, advocate sustainable efforts, and create beautiful spaces to work in.

Carpet, ceilings, and ductwork were removed from the existing space and recycled, revealing beautiful a concrete structure overhead and gaining an additional two feet of glass at the exterior wall. The floor to ceiling glass overlooks a dense canopy of trees, allowing views of nature from every workstation. In an effort to accommodate different work styles, we have multiple focus rooms, scaled collaboration zones and additional meeting spaces, all enclosed in glass wall systems to allow natural light to flow through. All new LED lighting with a daylight harvesting system will save significant energy while highlighting the new furniture. White, black, and greys finishes are accented by pops of “BRW Red” and cherry wood features to create a warm architectural environment.

While one half of BRW is setting up their new space and taking a much-needed breather, the fun isn’t over yet – Phase 2 is officially under construction! Until our next big reveal, we’d like to take a minute and thank our friends and vendors for working with us day in and day out to help make our vision a reality.  A special thanks to Oxford Associates, Hossley Lighting, Interface Carpet, and American Tile.  We would also like to express what a great team we have in Suite 125 for being so cooperative during this time of transition – welcome to your new home!

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