Happy Birthday to Us!!

Time seems to fly these days and with the busy schedules that we all have, we almost forgot to celebrate our own birthday!  September 30, 2016 marked BRW’s 32nd year in business – how could we let that go unannounced?!

So, without further delay: HAPPY 32 YEARS, BRW!

“It’s been 32 years of outstanding people, excellent work and great clients,” says Mark E. Watford, FAIA, Managing Principal. “It has been a rewarding journey and the future is very bright.”

BRW is committed to many things – collaboration, communication, expression of new ideas – but underneath is a commitment to “designing with heart.” With every design, we strive to remember that the work we do touches many people in a very real way.

During our monthly staff meeting earlier this week, our employees gave a small presentation on Hearts and Hammers, a non-profit organization dedicated to refurbishing and repairing the homes of low-income homeowners, most of whom are elderly and disabled.

“In this case, the family had trouble with an elderly member falling off the edge of their patio into the bushes. Putting in new railing was especially important and it was great to alleviate that problem for them,” explained Project Coordinator, Dale Hogue. “When a family sees thirty-something people show up to work on their home, they are incredibly grateful and it is extremely moving.”

This got us thinking about how buildings can literally change lives…

In that same staff meeting, Lexi Prior, Architect-in-Training, gave a presentation on the work our San Francisco offices are doing to help the Salvation Army & Bayview Hunters Point bring legal services to low-income families – a much-needed service that is easily forgotten until you need it. A more workable, modern and comfortable space will expose their services to more people and help this non-profit run smoothly.

So here we are 32 years later, marching forward at full-speed into our 33rd year and we couldn’t be any happier with all of our progress.  Here’s to another year of changing lives!

(Why yes, that photo IS of one of our favorite projects: Dallas Fire Station No. 32!)

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