The Intern

It may have only been a brief six weeks, but we wouldn’t trade our summer with Daniela Castro for anything!  Since the beginning of June, we’ve had the pleasure of having an extra helping hand around the office.  Daniela went from meetings to ribbon cuttings, brochure planning to project logging, and generally assisting wherever she could.  If we could change anything, it would be the length of her internship with us – six weeks just wasn’t long enough!


Alexis Flores, Lisa Lamkin and Carol Kesler have been mentors for high school seniors for the past several years through the Young Women’s Preparatory Network which supports Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School – Daniela’s school.  When Katie Albritton, Community Liaison, reached out to coordinate interviews for our summer intern, we would never have guessed we would be contemplating begging her to let Daniela stay.

Towards the end of her internship, we asked Daniela to be a guest writer on our blog.  It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective on the industry (alright, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t completely scare her off).  As we should have been able to guess, Daniela blew us away with her kind words:

“From the beginning I knew that working at an architecture firm as an intern was going to have a huge impact on me, on what I thought of architecture in general, and how office firms worked together as a whole. I came in thinking I knew what architecture was, and after six weeks at BRW,  my original perspective of architecture has changed. Architecture is bringing life with lights, color, texture, and space. Yes the exciting architecture field can contain endless ways of interpretation, but you can’t forget that without marketing and accounting one will be only one third as successful. I can genuinely say that I have found new interests in these fields.  

The Young Woman’s Preparatory Network gave me the amazing opportunity to be an intern for BRW Architects. I didn’t have the choice of selecting who I’d be working for, but I’m glad that they introduced me to BRW. I certainly learned a plethora of new skills and information that will probably come in handy later on – whether it was as simple as organizing files or more complex like schematic designs. The greatest thing about BRW was the people. While juggling three different projects or more, running back and forth to meetings, in between deadlines, and social Fridays, they still had time to ask how you were and share a smile. This is something that I’ll miss about working at BRW. The bad side to all of this was that the internship was limited for six weeks. I have very much enjoyed my time here at BRW and I would recommend this program and this firm to anyone interested in architecture. And to BRW: you gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all; thank you.”

Daniela, we cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work and your positive can-do attitude.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future and we wish you the best of luck through your senior year of high school (although, who are we kidding? We know you don’t need the luck!).2017


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