Steel, Concrete, and Wood – oh my!

On Saturday, June 18th, Project Designer Chris Sano, AIA, LEED AP BD+C and Project Architect Alexis Flores, AIA, LEED AP BD+C had the opportunity and the pleasure of showing BRW employees the current progress of the Coppell Life Safety Park, one of the projects currently in progress from our Dallas Civic office.

With a rapidly growing community and the ongoing planned development of Old Coppell, the Coppell Fire Department enlisted BRW Architects to design a new center for community safety and education. The City of Coppell Life Safety Park will provide education to school children, families, and the general public regarding overall safety, fire procedures, severe weather, and pedestrian caution. The facility covers a spectrum of public educational needs while going further to provide neighborhood amenities that will enhance the adjacent Main Street development. Safety Town’s proximity to the farmer’s market and Main Street development obliges a design that is attentive to the scale and aesthetic of historical Texas architecture.

The Safety facility will go further to protect and serve the community by incorporating an Emergency Operations Center to operate in times of need. The E.O.C will feature fortified construction and generator power to ensure a command center capable of maintaining operations through unforeseen events.

The program requirements were determined through public meetings and discussions. The site plan, floor plans and elevations reflect the accommodations of the spatial and functional needs for education, administration, emergency command, Safety Town and community amenities.

“This project has so many different construction assemblies and materials due to the project scope [steel, concrete and wood]; it’s a great learning experience to see how everything is getting put together” mentions Alexis Flores, AIA.IMG_4813

The Safety town is anticipated to be complete in January 2017.  A big shout out to EMJ Construction of Dallas for all of their hard work and dedication on this project!

Be on the lookout for our blog post with the final product! “I can’t wait until Safety Town is built…they said I could drive a little electric car!” exclaims Flores.

Toy Car

For more information about the Coppell Life Safety Park, please visit:

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