Welcome, Rudy!

Rudy, we are thrilled to add you to the family!  Get to know Rudy:

Name: Rudy Lopez, Associate AIA

BRW Office: Dallas

Degree/University: Master of Architecture, University of Texas-Arlington

Favorite piece of Architecture and/or Architect? Why? It is impossible for me to select just one, but I am extremely intrigued by the works of Renzo Piano, Antoine Predock, and MVRDV. Their works encompass qualities of architecture I am inspired by:  form, light, texture, structure, attention to detail, spatial sequence, and sensitivity to landscape and contexts.

Would you rather explore the deepest part of the ocean or explore outer space? Why? I would rather explore outer space as I am inclined to think the deepest part of the ocean has a terminus where I couldn’t see anything anyway. Outer space, on the other hand, must be infinite and illuminated by stars, planets and other phenomena beyond our solar system.  Besides, I am certain there is extraterrestrial life I would like to meet.

Who doesn’t love puppies?  Do you have any pets?  What are their names?  Show us some photos! My family and I have one eight-year old Golden Retriever-Great Pyrenees mix named Aspen who still acts like a puppy.  He enjoys the snow and cold weather and much like me, he is going to have an extremely hard time getting used to the Texas summers again!BRW RL-Aspen

So far in your life, what is the hardest thing you have ever had to do? This is without a doubt relocating my family of three and a dog across the country from Baltimore, Maryland to DFW – in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic winter, ahead of and during Winter Storm Jonas, and at the beginning of a new career opportunity. The move has been worth every challenge and my family and I are thrilled to be near our friends and families in Texas and Mexico!

Who inspires you? Why? My son is my inspiration. Sebastian is five years old now and in constant motion every minute of the day.  His fierce energy is invigorating most of the time but other times cause white hairs! His drawings in particular are the most inspiring to me – they provide a brief glimpse of the world around him. One of his sketches, for example, is a rocket ship being prepared for launch by solar-powered robot turtles! Sebastian makes me want to think and draw as playfully as he does.

We’ve gone back to prehistoric times and dinosaurs still roam the earth! You’ve adopted one as your pet.  Which dinosaur did you adopt?  I am as fascinated with dinosaurs as my son is – now more than ever as he enjoys reading about dinosaurs at least once a week.  If I could adopt a dinosaur as a pet, it would be the Argentinosaurus.  This dinosaur holds the record for being both the heaviest and longest land animal ever!  At a weight of 100 tons, a height of 25 feet and a length of 100 feet, this pet dinosaur could take on the fiercest of predators!  Not to mention, we would get a nice vantage point from atop the head when we go for walks.BRW-RL-Argentinosaurus

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