Texas A&M University’s Francis Hall Officially Opens Its Doors

On January 20, 2015, the extensively renovated Francis Hall welcomed close to 1,000 students for the spring semester. Located in the Historic Core of Texas A&M University, the building is a vital piece of the University’s overall identity. Francis Hall was originally built in 1918 and in 2014 was repurposed and dedicated to the Department of Construction Sciences, serving as a research and educational facility. Programmed spaces include classrooms, an auditorium/lecture hall, bid room mock-up suite, Building Information Modeling (BIM) lab, continuing education center, job trailer mock-up, museum of construction/building, student competition leadership suite, student lounge, safety and specialty labs, industry relations suite, and faculty offices.

Francis_4 Francis_1 Francis_2 Francis_3 Francis_5

Here are a few links with more information:

TAMU Arch One Article

College of Arch Facebook Photos


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