New Employee Spotlight: Dale Hogue

Let’s learn a little about Dale Hogue. We are glad to have him in our BRW Office!

Dale was born in Odessa, Texas. He moved to Houston at an early age and attended Bellaire High School.  After graduation, he attended San Jacinto Jr. College, with an Associates of Applied Science, Engineering Drafting Technology.  Dale worked  in construction for several years building cabinets,  interior trim and finish out. He moved to Dallas in 1985 chasing construction work. Dallas is where he met the love of his life.  They were married in 1990 and just celebrated their 24th anniversary. Alice and Dale have two children. Charles is 23, he served in the U.S. Army until recently. He now attends Texas Tech University. Leslie is 14 soon to be 15and she is a daddy’s girl. They have lived in Forney since 2003. Before that, they lived in the White Rock area of East Dallas. Dale and his family love the outdoors, road trips, and their time together. Dale was with another Dallas architectural firm for 16 years prior to coming to BRW.

1. Favorite Architect?  Frank Lloyd Wright

2. Where is your dream destination? New Zealand. Cool air, mountains, and rocky seashores.

3. If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why? The ability to fly like Superman. The thrill it must be going that fast.

4. When you’re not at the office, what are your hobbies? I love to build Model Ships and wood carving when time allows. I am heavily involved with The Boy Scouts of America.

5. What inspires you?   “Nature” Waves crashing on the beach. Rocky mountain spires. The changing shapes in the clouds. At no time are they ever the same.

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