New Employee Spotlight: Eric Lam

Our next employee spotlight is Eric Lam from the San Francisco office:

Eric was born in New Orleans, LA, where he lived until he graduated high school. Eric then attended the University of Texas at Austin and studied architecture. He graduated in 2012 and decided that he wanted to experience living in a city outside of the south. So, he finished an internship with the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department in the summer of 2012, packed up his things and moved out to San Francisco with his girlfriend and their dog, Lina.

His first job in the city was as an assistant project coordinator with a general contractor. Eric felt that the work was not for him and decided to make a move in October of 2013. He met with Chris in November, started in mid-December and here he is now.

1. Favorite Architect? – Louis Kahn. I have always found his designs to be beautiful, compelling and full of poetry.

2. Where is your dream destination? –  I’m assuming this is asking dream location to spend the rest of my life. Honestly, I didn’t know it when I first moved out here, but San Francisco is growing on me more and more and I find it hard to see myself living anywhere else at the moment.

3. If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why? – If I could have one super power I think I would like to be able to have infinite foresight. This way I would never again make a decision that resulted badly.

4. When you’re not at the office, what are your hobbies? – I enjoy hiking up in Marin, going to the beach, eating, reading, playing piano and seeing bands at small clubs.

5. What inspires you? – What inspires me the most is the potential for improving the spaces where people live and work.

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