BRW 2013 Annual Advance

Last week, BRW participated in our annual firm wide Advance at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake in Dallas.  We use this time to get all of the 4 BRW offices together to go over the events of the past year. We share our experiences, skills and creativity to generate fresh momentum for the upcoming year.  It is also a good chance to catch up with our co-workers in each office, whether they are from Dallas, College Station, Houston or San Francisco.  Here is a selection of thoughts from this year’s Advance:

“Creativity is catching! Seeing my incredibly talented friends and colleagues in our other BRW offices invigorates me to continue in pursuit my passions.” Lauren Simpson (Houston)

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to tour a few of the buildings that BRW has worked on, I think that it gave many people the chance to see our work to the extent that they would not have been able to under normal circumstances.”Charles Barry (Dallas)

“I felt a definite focused momentum created by the quality dialog and individual impact.” Nicole Story (College Station)

“This is a time to reconnect with fellow employees I don’t get to see very often. Funny, I had lunch with someone who works here in Dallas that I don’t think I’d really had to chance to talk to in months. I leave both tired and invigorated.  Interesting.  Bottom line, I am glad to work for a firm that celebrates and challenges its employees.” Malia Nix (Dallas)

“I really enjoyed my first advance. It was great being able to meet all the familiar voices from phone conversations and learn about their offices. I look forward to next year’s advance and remain impressed with the camaraderie of such a great company.”  Le Phuc (Houston)

“It’s always nice to hear about the inner workings of your company…the beautiful setting doesn’t hurt either!” Alexis Flores (Dallas)

Tour of Thelma Richardson Elementary

advance shots2 Tour of Woodrow Wilson High School

advance shots3

Fred Clifford receiving his 15 years at BRW recognition

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