BRW recently attended the Grand Opening for the Texas A&M Liberal Arts and Humanities Building.  Although the building has been open since the start of the Spring Semester, the official celebratory Grand Opening celebration was not until April 19th at 2pm.

The beautiful weather complemented the lovely outdoor ceremony held in the East Courtyard.  It began with a guitar solo from Instructional Assistant Professor, Isaac Bustos.  Dr, Jose Luis Bermudez (Professor of Philosophy), the Honorable John Sharp (Chancellor), Dr. R. Bowon Loftin (President), and Dr. Charles A. Johnson (Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Political Science) took turns speaking about the Liberal Arts Program and  the Department’s long awaited new home.

After the ceremony, interactive tours were conducted to showcase the various classrooms and labs that populate the building.  It was a joy to walk from the Scene Shop, Costume Studio, Recording rooms, Black Box Theatre, and many other specialized classrooms and witness groups of students using them in the manner with which they designed. It was a fitting ending for a wonderful project.

lib arts opening 1

lib arts opening 13 lib arts opening 12

lib arts opening 14

lib arts opening 15

lib arts opening 16


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