BRW’s Andrew Evertson, AIA, and Lisa Lamkin, AIA gave the keynote address at Texas A&M University Construction Science Department’s Annual Scholarship and Awards Ceremony Banquet. Speaking to a crowd of about 400, Andrew discussed the proposed renovation and design of Francis Hall, which will be the future home of the Construction Science Department.

The event began with a Scholarship presentation which awarded 143 Construction Science Students $369,000 in scholarships for use in the 2013-2014 academic year.  Following the Scholarship presentation and dinner was an awards ceremony, where students, faculty and industry partners received recognition.

Francis Hall is located across from the Evans Library in the Historic Core of the Campus. It is considered one of the Campus’ Heritage Buildings. In addition to being the Construction Science Department’s new home, it will also be the first stand-alone facility in the State of Texas dedicated to construction education.

New Auditorium

Francis Hall                                                                New Auditorium

Using photos, diagrams, and models, Andrew and Lisa talked about the improvements to the building, including the restoration of the original Auditorium which will seat 126 people, as well as the modernization of the building to include spaces like the building information modeling (BIM) lab, a project management lab and an estimating lab.

BIM Model produced from LiDAR Scan

BIM Model produced from LiDAR Scan

John A. Harris ‘54 Entry Gallery                              Ed & Kathy Segner Exhibit Hall

John A. Harris ‘54 Entry Gallery                                                             Ed & Kathy Segner Exhibit Hall


  1. Thanks Ronnie… our consultant who performed the LiDAR scan is the one who converted the information into building shell for the BIM model which we then linked into our model. It’s amazing some of the accuracies it achieved, and some of the things it just missed.

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