Recently, BRW participated in a corporate volunteer night at the Dallas Arboretum.  This was a great opportunity for us to see the amazing Chihuly art exhibits, enjoy the Dallas Arboretum pumpkin displays, and hang out with our colleagues outside the office.

The BRW Chihuly Night crew

For those who haven’t heard of Dale Chihuly, he is a glass sculptor whose work is in more than 200 museum collections worldwide.  He is best known for his lively, twisty Towers and Chandeliers, as well as the calm, serene Persians and Seaforms.

At night, the Dallas Arboretum lights up the exhibits, making them appear like bright, shining stars.  One piece certainly matches this description:  The Dallas Star. This was one of my personal favorites! To make the royal blue spikes fade to white tips, Chihuly actually started with solid blue forms, which he then gradually stripped of color. Chihuly’s work is awe-inspiring.  It definitely makes me want to take up a new hobby!

The Dallas Star (Photo by Brooke Corey)

The Chihuly night exhibits at the Dallas Arboretum are quite an experience. Nothing can beat a relaxing stroll around a beautiful garden, glass of wine in hand, cool 75 degree fall temperature, and, of course, the opportunity to admire some of Chihuly’s finest work. It was a fantastic night to the say the least!

(Photo by Brooke Corey)

(Photo by Brooke Corey)


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