I can say any number of cliched praises for the work of Renzo Piano, but you are better served purchasing the book Renzo Piano Building Workshop v.5.  In my opinion, this monograph series remains the top series in architectural publication. Each page is legibly and thoroughly arranged with project information.  For example, plans, sections, elevations, construction details and pictures document each project and reveal what makes Piano’s architecture so revered.

Piano’s architectural themes of transparency and light are well celebrated among the book’s pages.  The major projects presented in the monograph are “The Shard,” The EMI Music Headquarters in Paris, the extension to the High Museum of Art, Maison Hermes in Japan and an extensive essay and project documentation of the Nasher Sculpture Garden, whose recent controversy inspired the introduction of this book review.  Each project proceeds in logical order from concept to completion and includes some dry but informative descriptive text.

The book sells for $90, but you can always find bargains on Amazon.comRenzo Piano Building Workshop v. 5 provides inspiring ideas for Architects and students. I recommend a copy for your personal library.


  1. We will open up our library for your book collection Wes!
    What I like about his design is not just he is an innovator but he expresses the building, not as an object, but as an integral part of the city.
    He stands that philosophy since his first building – “Pompidou Centre”.
    We are fortunate to have two of his here in DFW. 🙂

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