Richardson Ribbon Cutting

Richardson Fire Station No. 4 was pronounced officially open at Thursday night’s dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting.  Many of us from BRW were able to attend and see the successful end result of a lot of hard work over the past two years.

The City organized a meaningful ceremony beginning with a ceremonial flag raising in front of the station.  Did you know that at early fire stations, the townspeople would have to push the fire wagons back into the station because the horses could not walk backwards?  Following this tradition, Richardson city council members pushed one of Station 4’s trucks back through the bay doors, symbolizing that the station is ready to begin operations.

The Station was then open for the public to tour and it was packed!  It was great to see many crew members explaining various aspects of their station to adults and kids.  Getting to step inside the ambulance was obviously a big hit.  There was even a dummy suspended from the mezzanine to demonstrate the training area that was designed into the station.  I especially liked the large canvas prints that were mounted along the station corridor, showing firefighters in action.  It was a great reminder of what the station’s purpose is, and how all of us at BRW became a part of that effort to serve our community in our work on this project.


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