Architecture is contagious.  It has been established that I am not architecturally bilingual. Not fluent, anyway. But I am catching on!  After ten years of working in the field of architecture, an appreciation for a specific kind of beauty is rubbing off on me.  Darn those cooties.

On my recent family vacation to Epcot at Disney World, I found myself oohing and aahing… at the ARCHITECTURE!  I even snapped a few photos of the buildings without letting my kids in the photo.  Ok, truth be known they were happy not to have to pose every time I got out the camera. But I chuckled to myself thinking, I look like a legitimate architect.

And I will be really upset if any of you call me a poser.



  1. Malia,this sentiment is so true. Last week Ray and I were out walking around Dallas when a couple on bicycles wobbled by. Ray immediately proclaimed that the gentleman bicyclist was DEFINITELY an architect. When I asked why he thought that he said he could just tell by the way the man was looking at the buildings.

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