The Ocean Park Series:

Hurry before it is gone!  One of the most influential artists in my somewhat limited art consciousness is Richard Diebenkorn.  As a young architecture student, beginning my first graduate studio I was introduced to the Ocean Park Series by my studio professor at the time.  The beautifully proportioned images had a direct impact on the way I approached a project in that studio, studying the catalogue of over a hundred paintings in the series revealed a sense of order to my design process.  Since that time I have continued to admire and refer to Diebenkorn’s work as a constant influence.

It was with great anticipation that I learned of the unprecedented collection of Ocean Park Series that was on exhibit at The Modern in Fort Worth.  I must say, the difference between viewing any work of art in a book or on-line is nothing compared to the impression of full scale works.  Most of the series are very large formatted pieces that grab your attention from across the room.  The most pleasant surprise of the exhibit are a group of smaller pieces that Diebenkorn painted on wooden cigar boxes for friends and family as gifts or greetings; amazing small works of art.  I certainly enjoyed every turn within the gallery.  The exhibition runs through January 15, 2012 so make sure to visit soon.

For additional information on Richard Diebenkorn and The Modern visit:

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