Canstruction, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that holds annual design/build competitions to construct giant sculptures entirely out of cans. Once again, BRW Architects participated in this event, hosted by Northpark Mall in Dallas.   This year, BRW designed and built Brwessie – a cow holding a sign that read “Feed Mor People”.   The final design consisted of 1,482 cans, including mixed vegetables, ravioli in marinara sauce, black eyed peas, soy-based infant formula (for the cow’s utters) and 2 canned hams (for the ears). We raised approximately $1,357 total.   After a long morning of hard work, Brwessie was completed – it took all of 6 hours to build out! Our volunteer team, headed by Carol Kesler and Ronnie Schmidt, consisted of Fred Clifford and family, Jennifer Trojcak and boyfriend, Chris Sano and family, Fred Clifford, Charles Brant, Brooke Corey, Dimitri Potts, and Lori Lampe. This year’s participation was at an all time high with roughly 83% of the firm contributing in some way, through the design charrette to the tear down, Although we had some stiff competition from 18 other architecture and engineering firms, our design was a success, and most importantly, we raised a lot of food for the North Texas Food Bank!


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