A three syllable word so simple in its phonetics but so complex in its meaning!  But not to worry, let me assure you they are not as scary as they sound.  In fact, we’ve come to realize that “Teenagers” are just younger versions of us, with much better fashion sense!

Let me explain further…. These past three weeks, a few members of the BRW team have had the opportunity to put away our hard hats and replace them with hip teenager caps.  As part of the process of doing a Masterplan for Dallas Housing Authority in Lakewest (a focus area of West Dallas), we are collaborating with nearly 25 high school students and 2 high school teachers to get their feedback on what they desire in their community.  And it has been fantastic experience, to say the least!

The process is divided into 4 phases:

–          The first phase was the orientation, which explained what the student’s role were to be and when events were to take place.

–          The second phase was a Student Exploration Trip, which included a very Teen friendly  Exploration Manual describing 5 different areas of Dallas and the architectural/urban elements each area encompasses. BRW Architects took the students on a bus trip to each of these areas (The Village Park, Addison Circle, Mockingbird Station, Henderson Ave, and Bishop Arts) and explained why there were successful and how they may be applicable to Lakewest.   And let me tell you, there were a lot of Oooooo’s and Ahhhh’s, which was an added benefit!

–          The most recent phase was the Student Planning Session, which included a large scale site plan gameboard and fun iconic building game pieces.  The students were to brainstorm about what they want in Lakewest, and work together in groups to come up with a Masterplan design.

–          The last phase, which will take place next week will be a final presentation of the Students Design to DHA and their families.

Although we knew going into the process that the students were going to be a blast to work with, we had no idea how dedicated they would be, how many creative ideas they would come up with, and just how passionate they are about architecture, urban environments, and their community.  We are so excited about this opportunity, and can’t wait until the presentations!

So, as scary as it may sound, we were all there once.  Remember, all those years long ago?  These past two weekends have been like a time machine back into our high school days of classroom settings, awkward moments, and of course…..homework.

But our education was never this cool!!!!!

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