What’s fun and exciting?  Visiting the job site to see how buildings are constructed.  What’s not fun and exciting?   Hearing the words “proper thick soled shoes must be worn when on site.”   What does this mean?!?   I don’t even own such a thing!

I know for most of you fellows out there, this is not an issue.   You probably have an old pair of boots just lying around waiting to be worn. I mean, what’s a guy to do without a trusty and dusty pair of work boots, right?   For me this is not the case, and having discussed this issue with many of my female colleagues, I have discovered that I am not the only one.   Here at BRW, I have survived a year and a half without having the proper “attire” when going on site visits — “What?!  You mean to tell me that my purple Chuck Taylors aren’t going to get the job done?  Or what about my Sperry Topsiders that have yet to be worn on an actual boat?!?” — I fear my luck is running out.

I am determined to find a pair of boots that comply with safety on the job site, yet have a slightly fashionable (not entirely hideous) aspect to them.  The last thing I want is to be walking around with boots equivalent in weight and looks to a pair of CMUs.   I have recently started researching possible solutions to this dilemma, but I have only scraped the surface.   I have found a few that I like and several that I don’t like.   At this rate, I will be a licensed architect before I can find a suitable solution.   Any suggestions?

POSTED BY: jennasteinbeck

6 thoughts on “BOOT COUTURE

  1. jennasteinbeck,

    I wish to inquire as to the location of these boots in the image? I too wish to find a solution!

    Thanks for your insightful writing!


    Go north on I-35, left on Inwood, Left on Lupo, Work Wear Boots is on the right. They even have Harley-Davidson brand boots. Steel toe. Slip resistant. Electrical Hazard resistant. Waterproof.
    Very fashionable for the motorcycle-riding, construction-working, cigar-smoking, hard-driving, woman-about-town.

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