Those of us in Architecture, we take ourselves seriously.  We do.  We wear dark colors and eccentric eye wear.  We use fancy pens and write our names in ways that rival most doctors and/or 3rd graders.  We are the ones that conquered “all that math in college.”   We scrutinize details the average person never even looks at.  We even align the screws on the light switches and wall receptacles at our homes.  (It’s ok, admit it, you do).

Sometimes, we need to be less serious and laugh at ourselves, just a little.  Below are a couple websites that poke some fun at those of us in the Architecture industry and thankfully, in some cases, you have to be in the industry to see the humor.  “Architexts” is a comic that is issued a couple times a week and touches on topics that will make you wonder if someone in your office is the author/creator.  It might not make you fall out of your chair laughing and some days it will just echo your frustrations, but it will remind you that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t take ourselves quite so seriously.

POSTED BY: charlesbrant

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