Ever had the urge to just get in the car and drive somewhere without any real agenda?

Possibly inspired by the classic film “Fandango” starring a very young Kevin Costner, myself and a small group of college buddies began a series of Texas road trips that lead to nowhere in particular.  The main rule of this twisted hobby is to avoid the interstate highway system and travel only on state and Farm-to-Market roads.  I know; not the fastest way to get there…….but remember you are traveling to ‘nowhere’.

Well, after many of our group Fandangos I have found myself with the constant notion to pick a direction I have never experienced and just drive.  The best part of the process is you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere and you can choose to stop, turn, experience, snoop or just take in the view through the windshield at any point of the trip.  The best advice I can give is always make sure you have plenty of gas, a good camera and a little time on your hands.  Enjoy the view!

POSTED BY: dshankins

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