As the youngest intern here at BRW, I have come to grow some thick skin when it comes to colleagues cracking jokes about my age. Considering it has become a daily occurrence, I’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt and if I’m feeling jovial, maybe throw a few back at ‘em. While this is all in good fun, I was completely blind sided when I was mistaken for an enrolled high school student this past spring. This horrifying event took place on site at Woodrow Wilson High School when fellow design team members and I were surveying existing conditions of this 1928  Dallas landmark. We were prepping for the renovation of the existing structure and design of a new three-story addition to begin construction summer of 2011. Making our way through the halls, counting lockers and marking down ceiling heights, seemed like smooth sailing until I was abruptly stopped by a visiting parent. “Excuse me young lady, could you please direct me to the library?”, he said. After I kindly told him I was not a student, I turn around to find all of my colleagues bursting with laughter. As if they already didn’t have enough material to use on me!

POSTED BY: jennasteinbeck

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