One technology that has recently caught my eye is the Google Earth Cities in 3D Program.  The program essentially calls out for volunteers to submit 3D models of buildings or streetscapes to “share” with the Internet community.  The more people submit, the more everyone has to work with when trying to put together their own presentations to city boards, communities or for personal use.  Seems like a nice idea, at first.  Before we jump into giving our models away; however, I wonder if there are any drawbacks to sharing this information.  I also question putting in the extra effort to create models that may not already exist just for the sake of having a completely 3D dimensional experience. Are video presentations always superior?  Maybe it is a bit of backlash but sometimes I wonder if we put enough thought into economizing our efforts and using our time in the most efficient manner rather than always rushing to jump into the latest trend in selling ourselves.  I also wonder if the constant sharing of everything we do doesn’t do us more harm than good.  It always comes down to minutes in the day, cost and ease of application.  I guess we’ll see what the next interview calls for.  We’ll see if it is this is another great step in communicating our ideas or really just TMI.


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